Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tagged!! 7 things about me

I got tagged!!

This one is a little different. I was tagged by Sharon,createdbyu.blogspot.com thanks Sharon! you can see her blog here So 7 things about me huh? Here we go:)

I've been a stay at home mom for 24 years. Both of our daughters are grown.
I married right after High School. My husband is retired Air Force he served 27 yrs. Later this year we will be celebrating 25 yrs. of marriage I'm so looking forward to 25 more!

For my 40th B-day we went to bike week in Myrtle Beach,SC. We met up with some online friends for the first time and let me tell ya, it was one week of partying!!

I love to cook and bake almost as much as stamping. For years I've been called the "Black Martha Stewart" without the attitude or fat bank account and I've never been to jail!! 2 weeks after buying this house we threw a barbeque for 40+ people. The house was all unpacked, everything in it's place and the food was awesome!!!

We have NO pets

Jazz Music gives me a migraine.

I don't like to type!! but I can talk your ears off on the phone!

I love chocolate and ice cream, my all time favorite SU! card stock is............Chocolate Chip of course

So there you have it, a little about me.
I will post a card soon, thanks for stopping by:)
Enjoy your day!

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