Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tagged X's 2 About me:)

Wow! I was tagged to share 7 random things about me. How fun is that? Well first I want to thank Jackie and Lynda for the tags and to apologize for taking so long to post my answers and thank you's. I love both of your blogs and feel honored to be tagged by you:)

Here ya go

1. I never buy stamp magazines

2. I drank a 12 cup pot of coffee every morning

3. I'm afraid of dogs and allergic to cats

4. I don't walk through grass

5. Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla is my favorite soda

6. I've watched General Hospital for over 30 years LOL!

7. I don't drive at night

Nothing to exciting I know but it is what it is :)

I'm not sure how I first found these 4 blogs, but I did bookmark them last week. So I decided to tag them:)I hope you will check them out and tell them I sent you:)


Thanks so much for stopping by
Enjoy your day!


Ila said...

I'm with the on the coffee.....and I don't drive at night either. Have to admit I don't buy very many stamping mags either...and that diet Dr Pepper cherry vanilla sounds great!!

Kathy W said...

I haven't seen it for awhile, but I used to be a huge General Hospital fan! Used to arrange my college classes around their show. Luke and Laura all the way; favorite villianess: Heather Webber.